Keyboard Tablet Case
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Keyboard Tablet Case

Hongfei is one of the keyboard tablet case manufacturers and suppliers in China. Junhi is a subsidiary brand, and we have been focusing on tablet cases for many years. Our products have good price advantages and cover most European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Keyboard tablet case is a versatile accessory that combines protection with the functionality of a keyboard, effectively transforming tablet into a portable laptop-like device.

Keyboard tablet case protects your tablet from scratches, impacts, and other potential damage. Connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, allowing wireless communication between the keyboard and device.

Keyboard tablet case improve productivity by enabling users to type more efficiently and comfortably.


Compatible with Dimension Net weight
iPad Mini 4/5 7.9" 200*142*20 400
iPad Air 1/2 iPad 5/6 iPad Pro 9.7" 255*195*20 603.5
iPad Air 3       iPad Pro 10.5"       iPad 7/8/9 10.2" 255*195*20 603.5
iPad Air 4/5 10.9" iPad Pro 2018/20/21/22 11'' 260*195*20 601
iPad 10 10.9" 260*195*20 601
iPad Mini 6 8.3" 200*142*20 400
iPad Pro 2018/20/21/2212.9'' 298*232*23 632

User Scenario and Key Features

Keyboard tablet case adjustable viewing angle allows users to adjust the viewing angle of their tablet, providing flexibility for different tasks and preferences.

Keyboard tablet case features responsive tactile keys that provide a comfortable typing experience, similar to a traditional laptop keyboard.

The pen slot is located on the side of the case, enhancing the overall versatility of keyboard tablet case and meeting the needs of users who frequently use a stylus for note-taking or drawing. Despite the addition of a pen slot, keyboard tablet case remains slim and lightweight, making it ideal for everyday carrying.

Keyboard connection  

Keyboard tablet case supports Bluetooth version 3.0, which provides fast and seamless connections with paired devices, reducing lag for a responsive typing experience. Fast and simple pairing allows users to easily connect the keyboard to their devices.

Removable keyboard

Keyboard tablet case is cleverly designed to be detachable, giving users the flexibility to easily switch between tablet and laptop modes. The detachable keyboard securely attaches to your tablet, ensuring stability and a reliable typing experience when you need it.

Product Details

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All in all, keyboard tablet case not only supports wireless Bluetooth connection, but also uses a high-quality PU+TPU materials to provide you with a more portable office experience. Stylish and lightweight appearance, suitable for everyone, if you are looking for keyboard tablet case, choose it without hesitation!

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