One-of-a-kind gifts, exclusive to your client!


To our customers, we are very pleased to offer you a brand new customization option - stand gifts! Our professional product team provides you with a variety of well-designed stand styles, while you can also incorporate your own creativity to create a unique and personalized stand.

1. Custom design: You can choose from a variety of colors, materials and patterns we offer to create a stand gift that matches your personal style. Whether you pursue simplicity or fashion, we can meet your needs.

2. Engraving service: for those occasions that require special marking, our engraving service will add a special meaning to your stand gifts. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion, our engraving service will leave you with lasting memories.

Veneer effect: many colors and patterns are used for veneer effect, low cost.

Thermal transfer: through the thermal transfer machine a process (heating and pressure) will transfer the transfer film on the exquisite pattern transfer on the surface of the product.

Screen Printing Effect /UV Print: Transfer the design to the screen plate, modulate the ink color suitable for printing, the ink is printed through the mesh of the screen plate onto the printed material.

Laser engraving: mainly used in metal and non-metallic materials on the engraving, cutting, marking and molding processing and other fields.

3. Choice of size: We offer a wide range of stand gifts in various sizes, from small and portable to large desktop models, there is always one that suits your needs. Whether you use it at home or in the office, we can meet your choice.

4. High-quality materials: we use high-quality materials to make the stand gifts to ensure its durability and stability. Whether it is metal, plastic or wood, we are able to provide quality products that meet your needs.

5. Fast Delivery: our official website offers fast delivery service to ensure that you can receive your customized stand gifts as soon as possible. We work with a number of logistics companies to ensure that your customized products can be delivered to your hands safely and on time!

Customized stand gifts, lightweight products are suitable for gifts with rich and diverse choices to provide more choices for gift-givers. Considering the practicality and lightweight, the following are some lightweight stand products suitable for customization as gifts:

1. Portable charging cable: Portable charging cable is an easy to carry charging cable for cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices anywhere and anytime.

2. Creative cell phone stand: unique design, can be placed on the desktop or bedside table, so that the cell phone can be easily fixed, easy to watch videos, photos and so on.


4. Car bracket: suitable for use in cars, can provide stable support for cell phones, tablets and other devices, convenient for viewing information while driving.


4. desktop fan holder: a lightweight holder that can be fixed on the desktop, can provide small ventilation and cooling for the desktop, suitable for summer use.

5. Portable fan holder :

Your best cooling option in Summer

6. Emergency mini charger: no matter you are in travel, office, party or daily life, emergency mini charger is your necessary portable magic weapon, very suitable for gifts, can support customization.

The lightweight holder products are practical, portable, beautiful and so on, which are very suitable for giving as gifts. When customizing gifts, they can be selected and customized according to the recipient's preferences and needs, making them more personalized and thoughtful.

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