How to clean and maintain the flat screen case?


1. Simple cleaning method

After taking out the tablet computer leather case, if there are some dirty imitation leather on the surface of the leather case, you can take an appropriate amount of neutral detergent and wipe it off with cotton cloth, if it is difficult to clean the dirt such as glue, you should wash it with white lake oil or alcohol.

2, can choose professional cleaning agent

In addition to using the above method, the surface of the leather is not bright enough after a period of time. Today's professional leather cleaning products generally use leather professional soft cleaners. This cleaning agent has the characteristics of soft decontamination, non-solubility, will not harm the leather and will not affect the original appearance or brightness of the leather, and has a good maintenance effect on the environment and leather.

3, pay attention not to wash with water

Because most of the leather is breathable, if the imitation leather is washed with water, it is easy to cause water to enter the inside of the leather case, which will impregnate the cardboard that can not be seen in the middle of the leather case, making the cardboard soft and placed in an unbreathable place

It'll mildew, and the holster won't last long. Whether it is ipad holster, iphone case, mobile phone holster, tablet computer case, some other electronic products holster, digital products holster, its cleaning method can refer to the above methods and precautions.

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